Mr. Rovira, former Administrator of the Puerto Rico Insurance Fund Corporation, obtained a BA from the University of Puerto Rico and a Juris Doctor, Cum Laude, from the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico in Ponce Puerto Rico, School of Law. He also obtained a Master’s degree in Health Law from the Institute of Health Law of Loyola University in Chicago. He has been admitted to practice in different State and Federal Jurisdictions such as, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. 


He is the former president of the Health Law Commission of the Puerto Rico Bar Association and member of the National Health Lawyer Association, the Health Law Section of the American Bar Association, The Health Care Compliance Association and the Puerto Rico Hospital Association. 


Mr. Rovira has always concentrated his practice on health and corporate matters. He has been counsel for different companies in the health care filed such as Hospitals, Teaching Institutions, Integrated Delivery Systems, Insurance Companies, Physicians Practice Organizations and Management Services Organizations. As a health law consultant he has been involved in the formation and operation of Single and Multi Providers Networks, Mergers and Acquisitions, Certificate of Needs, Antitrust, Fraud and Abuse, design and implementation of Corporate Compliance Programs and Managed Care matters including negotiations and preparation of Managed Care contracts. 


As an active member in the Healthcare Society in Puerto Rico, former board director of Dewey University, and former treasurer of Carlos Albizu University, Mr. Rovira acted as a speaker in many healthcare conferences sponsored by different associations in Puerto Rico, such as the Puerto Rico Hospital Association, the Healthcare Finance Association and the Puerto Rico Human Resources Association, among others. Also he has acted as speaker at Healthcare Institutions, Hospitals and Teaching Institutions. 


As former Administrator of the Puerto Rico Insurance Fund Corporation, Mr. Rovira understands the complexities, nuances and opportunities of the legislative and regulatory process. This experience enables him to guide clients through the maze of legislation, regulations and appropriations that govern their respective businesses, industries or interests.