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Mr. Vargas holds a double major in Management and Marketing from the Catholic University Ponce Campus. He entered to the Law School after obtaining his degree BBA and successfully achieves his Juris Doctor. During his last year he was a student law clerk with Judge Hernandez at the Bankruptcy Court in San Juan. Once he pass the bar he entered as the In house legal Counsel for the former Best Finance Corporation, where he had an active role in the reorganization of such entity, from the Corporate standpoint up to the collection cases. As in-house counsel he handled labor claims, contracts including but not limited to leases. Before the entity was bought by Banco Popular, Mr. Vargas join a local family business, his first task was as VP of Melcor Leasing, an entity that originated capital leases and did the servicing for the funding source at that moment Banco de Ponce. 


One of the family members was involved with a Cable Company Teleponce Cable Tv, at that moment only servicing the Ponce in a limited area. He was an active player in the development of such entity, up to obtaining the franchises for eighteen additional towns or communities, He was an active play player with the owners in the process of obtaining the funding for such expansion and operations. As VP and General Secretary, he handled all the contracts with the programmers such as HBO, CNN etc etc. Once the local regulatory agency was created, Mr., Vargas with the other cable operators enacted the first set of rules or regulation that will be applied to the cable industry. The cable company was sold to Centennial Communications, and Mr. Vargas was approach by Liberty Cablevision and he accepted a position of System Manager for the North Part of the island, in such role he had under his supervision 300 employees and four offices. His home base was in Hatillo, and after travelling for three years from Ponce to Hatillo he decided to practice law in a full time base. He entered as Off-Counsel in a small law firm 17 


in Ponce where he handled exclusively mal-practice cases, in behalf of Simed as the insurance company of the physicians being sued. 


At the present time also as Off-Counsel with Rovira-Rodriguez Law firm he has been dealing with the litigation division, where he has been representing the local State agency Autoridad de Carreteras of Puerto Rico. Also he is involved in what he refers to his passion Medical Malpractice claims. 

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